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Welcome to Record Watermill!

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We are pleased to welcome you soon at our water mill, Moulin de Record!

Arrival hour: 5pm - if you will arrive much later, please give us a ring!

In order to prepare your journey, we give you some ideas of activities on the site:

- fishing (trouts, crabs...)
- hiking and biking:
you have some nice (and easy) walks right from here: on the former railway which has beek transformed into a footpath, you can go to Brassac or to Vabre (about 8 km each, 16km back and forth). These are nice trails, even if it is very hot in summer because you are walking under trees!

Visit our beautiful region!

The Water Mill is situated in the region of the Sidobre, where you can discover very strange stones formed by nature.   and

In Castres and St Pierre de Trivisy (20min) there are big water park (Castres) and adventure & water park (St Pierre de Trivisy).
But you have also the big dam lakes where you'll find water sports and play areas for kids (Lac de la Raviège and Lac du Laouzas).

Joining us

Toulouse Airport ==> Water Mill (1h30).
Please clic here to get your itinerary from the Airport to our Mill  or

Carcassonne Airport ==> Water Mill (1h30).
Please clic here to get your itinerary from the Carcasonne Airport to our Mill 

From the airport in Toulouse you'll have about 95km (1h30) to come to our Mill. It is a good road.

If you are already in France,
just clic here and put in your point of departure , put in your departure point and get your personal itinerary.

The railway station in Castres is about 20 minutes from here.

I think that the best way to come is to hire a car right on arrival in the Toulouse or Carcassonne Airport (it is much easier for you to give it back in the airport on the departure day - less stressy 😉